“I cannot even begin to express how much we love this clinic. All the animals get so excited to see Dr. Sell and the staff. We followed Dr. Sell from another clinic and have been with her now for about 18 years. We have recommended BestFriends to many of our friends.”


“I love the fact that everyone knows my dog’s history and they REMEMBER it! It's the kind of thing I look for in a doctor for my family, so having it in my pet’s doctor and staff is really comforting. Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else!”

Shelley B.

“The staff is always so nice and truly care about my pets. I couldn’t have picked a better clinic for my pets. One of my dogs is still alive because Dr. Sell wouldn't stop until we found out what was wrong with him. Everyone at the clinic knows our family and pets and they truly care about them. Every time I go there, I feel very safe knowing that they are doing the best for my pets, we are not just another number. Even if we moved away, I would still drive to take my pets there.”

Pamela G.

“Fantastic! The doctor actually took her time to look over my dog’s history and knew everything and could talk about his medical history with me without referring back to the paperwork. The staff was amazing and let me be hands on with my pet during his care which was very comforting.”

Ashley B.

“We have been going to BestFriends for around 5 years. They are truly the best in the business. It is nice knowing that when I call, I am talking directly to the techs, so calling in for refills and questions is a whole lot easier. All of the staff is friendly and compassionate. They actually take the time to get to know you and your pets. Best of all is that our dogs do not show any signs of fear when they go in for a visit. I could probably leave them there for a week and they’d never miss me. So, it is obvious that they are comfortable with the environment and know they are being well cared for. The clinic is clean and inviting. Appointments are thorough and timely. Anytime we are asked about veterinary care, we always recommend BestFriends!”

Nicole S.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the team I have worked with! I looked for a vet for many years where they would truly know my pets. Would actually answer my questions, not just generally but for my pets specifically, and that is exactly what we have found. This place is just in a league of their own.”

Breanne L.

“Everyone is always super friendly and very customer service oriented. Most compassion and attention from anywhere we have ever been!”

Jodi Tappe

“BestFriends combines compassion for your animal companions and up-to-date knowledge of the very best practices to keep them going strong. Dr. Sell and the entire staff will take the time to do it right. The reception area is clean and bright, and welcoming to children too. I've taken many of my dogs and cats to BestFriends over the years, and I recommend them highly to everyone who loves their furry friends.”

Sue R.

“All the doctors here are very attentive, they follow through with check ins and call backs. They have longer appointments than most clinics and they take their time with you so you don't feel rushed. Everyone is extremely nice, they have great attitudes, and love animals. I cannot say enough good things about the clinic.”

Gayle M.

“These people here are saints! If they can help an animal, they will go the full length whatever that is. They will answer any question you have, and if they don't know they will find out. Everyone here has compassion and huge hearts. You need competent doctors for your fur family, these are the people for you!! Can't say enough about this community business. We are lucky to have them here!!!”


“I drive 30-45 minutes past at least 2 other vets so that I can have Dr. Sell treat my pet. We have tried vets closer to home but just don't seem to get the same quality of care as with Dr. Sell.”

Claudia W.

“The team is very caring, compassionate & understand how much we love our pets. They really get to know the clients and animals. They are also very frank and sincere when our dogs need to be seen by a specialist and have referred them to quality care. They back up the reason they have chosen the referral.”


“BestFriends Vet Clinic treats us, and our furry friends as best friends!”

Pete K.

“Love all of the doctors and techs! They go above and beyond what's expected. My dogs love going and that says a lot! Love this vet clinic!”